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Background of the founder

Mark Cullens has worked in skills and competency for the last 25 years.  His experience is varied and has been in establishing and operating vocational skills centres to becoming one of the youngest Assistant Principals of a public College in the UK.


In 2009, Mark moved to the Middle East to establish a training centre for an Oil and Gas service company and later moved to a FTSE 200 EPC contracting firm to become Director of Business Development for the Eastern Hemisphere for the training division.  In this role he secure several contracts with major IOC's and NOC's across the Middle East.  

Mark joined OPITO in 2018 as Director of Strategic Development.  Here he established and managed a team of VP's based in Houston, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur to promote and position OPITO standards.  He lead the engagement activities and guided the team that secured acceptance and commitment to OPITO standards in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Colombia and Canada. 

The Digital Energy Group was formed using a culmination of Mark’s extensive knowledge of the energy industry training market. The Group’s vision is to improve efficiencies and value by accelerating the adoption of technology in learning, skills and competency



+44 7923 262879

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