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About us

We are passionate about skills and competency, but more than that we are on a mission to re-define how learning is delivered.  We have all seen showreel videos of augmented and virtual reality and completed the annual e-learning compliance based e-learning modules.   Till now progress has been piecemeal, digital suppliers are niche and fragmented.  Interesting digital tools are out there but until now they haven't been packaged as scalable robust solutions.  


We provide services and tools to support companies with their digital learning and competency as well as working with training providers tnd educators to help re-shape their services to pass on the benefits of digital delivery to your clients.  


Our proposition is a seamless skills and competency underpinned by digital products and services.


We work with different Learning Management (LMS) and Competency Management System (CMS) providers as well as e-learning libraries, so you aren't limited to content from just one provider.  

Digital First


+44 7923 262879

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