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The future of people skills is here.


Virtual reality provides a safe space for learners to practise demonstrating empathy without judgement. Learners are then given the opportunity to experience how they came across from another person’s perspective and receive personalised feedback on their responses.


Learners have autonomy over how they access our range of engaging VR training. Each of our virtual reality environments and experiences has been designed to help prepare your learners for the challenges of the modern world.


 DEFINITION: 'Feel completely involved'

We specialise in creating and deploying immersive experiences using the latest 3D, 360 and virtual reality technology.


We are dedicated to delivering top-quality content and experiences that transports viewers to new worlds and immerse them in new experiences.  From branded content and social posts to interactive events and training simulations, we have the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life.

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Saves Time

40% reduces training time
4x faster


Increases Engagement

3.75x more connected
4 x more focussed


Improves Retention

16x recall on information
275% more confident


Saves Money

30-70% savings 


Enhances Saftey

43% reduction in time to lost injury

Increases in performance versus traditional learning methods.  Source: PwC & ArborXR

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Who we work with

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Making VR real

Experience the full potential of virtual reality with our expert team of VR professionals.


From headset deployment and configuration to onsite training and support, we ensure that your immersive projects are a success.


Let us take your customer journey, onboarding or learning and development into VR initiatives and to the next level.

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Augmenting your reality

Transform the way you interact with the world around you with our stunning AR content. From educational experiences to engaging customer interactions, our AR designs bring 3D models and information to life in the real world.


Plus, with our full WebAR capabilities, your audience can easily access immersive content without the need to download any additional apps. Enhance your learning and engagement opportunities with our cutting-edge AR solutions.


360° Vision

With our expertise in 360 photography and Matterport scanning, Digital Energy is dedicated to providing high-quality digital content to businesses looking for an edge in their digital presence.


Let us help you create engaging tours and digital twins that will make you stand out from the competition.

Soft Skills 

Simulation encourages learners to actively participate in a virtual space where it is safe to fail.  


We have partnered with Bodyswaps the award winning developers of virtual reality and augmented reality systems. 

Bodyswaps combines immersive learning simulations and AI-powered behavioral data, BODYSWAPS is a complete soft skills training solution designed for corporates and education organisations to create deep and lasting behavioural change at scale. 

In BODYSWAPS learners roleplay challenging situations in realistic yet psychologically safe workplace scenarios, get personalised behavioural feedback and learn by swapping perspectives to observe their own behaviour.

We have VR headsets ready for to help you implement training in your organisation.  

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Digital Energy Group Ltd
The Steadings, Cotbank of Barras, Stonehaven

+44 7923 262879

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