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Published by PwC

This groundbreaking report by PwC illustrates the impact of  VR in soft skills training.  


The report highlights stunning results from a study using immersive VR to deeply engage learners.


The report found that learners absorbed information x4 faster, and  275% more confident in applying skills.



Published by API

This is an interesting link to the wide ranging support the Energy Industry has offered.

It provides examples of donations, in-kind support and out of the ordinary work effort made by a range of industry players.  The article is mostly US based examples.

January 23, 2020

This is blog article that explores the digital learning trends for 2020.  The article classifies some of the buzz-words of digital learning by end user benefit which

Published by UXDesign

This is an accessible written article on the latest design trends for improvement in the digital user experience.  Take a look at the 3D graphics integration which we think looks really cool.

Drawing on a Board
Office Social Distancing

Published by Forbes

The article is interesting with trend in augmented reality.  We suggest you scroll to the bottom and watch the video first which gives some interesting examples of how companies are using augmented reality.

Published by Linkedin Learning

This Linkedin's 4th annual survey. The engaged with  6,607 professionals spanning 18 countries revealed their priorities, challenges, and inspiration.  This is hot off the press and covers the period of COVID-19 is it has some interesting insights for digital learning.

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Construction Worker
Virtual Reality Goggles
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