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Digital Energy-Easy Immersive

We describe ourselves as full service because we provide creative, platform configuration, hardware selection, procurement and configuration as well as ongoing maintenance.  

Full Service 

An animated panorama of Robert at a mixing desk during our immersive event in the music hall aberdeen
A panorama showing an escape slide at Exeter College Future Skills Centre
Several or a fleet of VR headsets

Content Creation

We create content from with the minimum fuss. Ideally you have CAD files but if not no problem we can work for photo's.  

We optimise the content with the end purpose in mind so it just works!

Hardware integration 

We provide fully configured VR headsets from all of the major manufactures such as PICO, Meta and HTC.

This includes accessories such as cases, charging cables and trollies.  

We recommended using ArborXR or ManageXR mobile device management utilities for managing the fleet and controlling the user experience.  

A selection of mobile devices for experiencing augment reality AR

Training where you need it

We visit your teams to train them with using and deploying immersive content.  

This can include training for in-house technicians on managing the fleet of headset.  

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