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Digital Energy -Engagement

These statistics emphasize the tangible benefits of immersive technologies in terms of increased engagement, improved learning outcomes, and enhanced user experiences across various sectors.

A designer mapping out a wireframe for a website or immersive experience

Enhanced user interactions

According to a study by PwC, 74% of VR users reported increased engagement compared to traditional 2D experiences.


Improved learning outcomes

PwC also found that VR learners had a 275% higher improvement rate in their learning outcomes compared to traditional methods.

x 275%

A women looking at her phone smiling at being engaged with the experience
People discussing an immersive project

Increased emotional connection

A Yume and Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience study revealed that virtual reality experiences generate a 27% higher emotional engagement compared to 2D experiences.




A McKinsey report suggests that companies using AR and VR for collaboration have experienced a 20-25% improvement in collaboration effectiveness.

A group of creatives working collaboratively in a studio setting


According to Gartner, gamified applications can achieve customer engagement rates 4 times higher than non-gamified counterparts.


A women looking at a large screen looking engaged with the experience


Interactive Story Telling

A study by Magnifyre found that interactive storytelling in VR can increase engagement by 86%, leading to improved brand recall.

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