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BRAG Enterprises


Client Name


2022 & 23/24


Crosshill, Scotland


VR Implementation with Bodyswaps


VR Headset purchase
Pre-configure devices with MDM software
Bodyswaps platform configured and deployed
Quarterly device maintenance
Onsite staff training

BRAG Enterprises secured a three year services contract for the

18-24-year-old group with the DWP in Fife, Scotland.

Operating from their own offices and community venues across their region, they meet with clients to support them with their job search journey. Bodyswaps has become a key tool for both engagement and confidence building with clients. Using the employability modules they support clients.

Bodyswaps has become a differentiator for BRAG Enterprises with clients and partner agencies. They report that partner organisations that feed client to BRAG often encourage clients to participate using the VR tools as an incentive

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