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University of Glasgow

Client Name:

University of Glasgow





Project type

Custom 3D models with embedded media for augmented reality


3D modelling from reference photographs
3D lesson design
Up-load to AR platform

James Watt School of Engineering has a partnership offing co-accredited degrees with institutions in China. The team wanted to share equipment at the Glasgow campus laboratory with students in China.

Taking reference photographs and manufacture's data sheets we created 3D twins of a 4G and 5G tower and network cabinet. The model was uploaded to the EON Reality platform for distribution on web and mobile for use in augmented reality.

The School of Education wanted to recreate a physical teaching kits for electric circuits that it had pioneered. We took stock 3D models of components and configured them into the circuits and create relevant animations to illustrate key points like rotation of a motor or lighting of an LED bulb

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