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Sheffield Hallam University


Client Name


2022 & 2023



Project type

Bodyswaps VR Implementation


Provision of 20 VR headset
Accessories and charging trollies
Provision of MDM software
Annual device maintenance support
On-site staff training


“The use of Bodyswaps has been integral to our simulated practice learning delivery. It has allowed us to use innovative teaching methods and also for students to undertake self-directed work to further develop their skills. It has enhanced the student experience as this has been something quite different. It has allowed them to develop their non-technical skills such as communication and decision making in a safe, non-judgemental environment. We have also been really impressed by the inclusive nature of this software- not only can students use an avatar which they most identify with, but there are some really valuable modules around equality, diversity and inclusion which prepare our students to enter the workforce. We’ve also felt really supported as a team to implement and manage the software for a very large cohort of students”.

Lucy Mottram Principal Lecturer in Adult Nursing

UK Nursing education includes 2300 hours of clinical learning. Up to 600 hours can be simulated. There are many simulation options for clinical skills but few for soft skills, such as communication skills and empathy.

In 2022, Digital Energy supported the SHU with the deployment of Bodyswaps.  Almost 2000 students accessed the modules with incredible feedback.

The initial deployment was delivered using students’ own devices with personalised logins automatically distributed. In 2023 SHU purchased 20 pre-configured VR headsets with accessories, charging trollies and maintenance services.

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