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Deploying VR Training at Scale: Navigating Practical Challenges

Updated: Feb 2

Group in VR training
VR Staff Training Session

Deploying VR Training at Scale:

As enterprises embrace Virtual Reality (VR) for training, deploying at scale becomes a complex endeavour. Scaling VR training involves overcoming practical challenges that can impede its adoption and effectiveness across a large organization.

Understanding the Landscape of VR Training at Scale

When deploying VR training programs across an enterprise, several key factors need to be addressed to ensure a successful rollout.

The Immersive Edge of VR Training

VR's immersive nature holds the promise of experiential learning with increased engagement and retention rates. It's not just about using new technology; it's about creating a learning experience that leads to real skill acquisition and behaviour change.

Confronting Deployment Challenges

Deploying VR at scale involves logistical challenges, from the procurement of hardware to the distribution and management of software. Each headset requires configuration, and the software needs regular updates to remain effective and secure.

Practical Challenges in Deploying VR at Scale

Scaling VR training is fraught with practical challenges that can be daunting for IT departments and training teams.

Hardware Configuration and Management

The initial setup of VR headsets can be a significant barrier. Each device needs to be configured with the correct settings, applications, and updates, which can be time-consuming and technically challenging.

Software Deployment and Updates

Managing the deployment of VR applications and ensuring they are updated is another hurdle. Each update needs to be rolled out seamlessly to avoid disrupting the training programs.

Maintaining Consistency and Quality

As VR training scales up, maintaining consistency in the quality of the training experience across different departments and geographic locations becomes challenging.

Solutions Offered by Companies Like Digital Energy Group

Companies like Digital Energy Group provide services that can help to alleviate these challenges by offering pre-configured headsets and management through software like ArborXR.

PIC0 NEO 3 Pro Pre-configured with ArborXR
Pre-configured VR Headset with MDM Software

Pre-configured VR Headsets

Digital Energy Group offers pre-configured VR headsets tailored to the needs of the enterprise, ensuring that the devices are ready to use right out of the box.

Mobile Device Management with ArborXR

Managing a fleet of VR devices is streamlined with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software like ArborXR. MDM solutions can remotely manage and update headsets, which is essential for maintaining a consistent training experience.

Pre-configuring devices with MDM software allows us to centralise the content and "push" applications, XR-links, videos as well as manage up-dates centrally. We can also control the user experience with custom menus to limit risk of users getting distracted with access to appstore and device setttings.

MDM also allows us to remotely wipe the device in the event loss to ensure privacy and data security.

Deployment Training and Support

Training staff to deploy and manage VR content is critical. Digital Energy Group also provides onsite training for initial deployment and ongoing support, which is vital for the success of the VR training program.

Ensuring a Seamless VR Training Experience

A seamless VR training experience is paramount for learner engagement and knowledge retention. This is where the expertise of companies like Digital Energy Group becomes invaluable, ensuring that the VR training rollout is as efficient and effective as possible.


Enterprises looking to deploy VR training programs can find valuable support from companies like Digital Energy Group, which offer services that simplify the complex process of VR deployment. With pre-configured headsets and MDM software, along with comprehensive training and support, organizations can overcome the practical challenges of scaling VR training and unlock its full potential for their workforce.

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