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Matterport Scanning in Lothian

Capture of spaces in 3D providing a unique Matterport virtual tour experience.. We’re a professional Matterport photographer with over 4 years of experience in the immersive content industry.

Boost Engagement

+4x Times spent on site listing

+2x Page views

Make Your Property Standout

Add scroll-stopping interactive content to your 3D tours that you can post on social media or embed on any website.

Tour Prices Start at £245

Matterport Scanning Services location  

Matterport Scanning in Lothian

3D Matterport Virtual Tours allow us to capture your space using 3D laser technology, building a tour that not only gives people a full walkthrough, but a unique 3D dollhouse view of a space. Perfect for locations such as show homes, small shop and event spaces, these tours are hosted on Matterport servers and can be embedded on your own website and shared via social media, blogs and more.

Our Matterport virtual tour service involves the capture of 3D data, this data is used to build a unique 3D space that is accurate to within 1%. This data is then used to build a 3D dollhouse view that can be manipulated by the user and used to navigate all areas captured.

Shooting a Matterport virtual tour is quick and easy. We send a Matterport photographer to your location who uses specialist imaging equipment to capture all spaces needed for inclusion in the tour. Depending on the size of the location, this could take between 1 and 4 hours.

Once shot, the tour is constructed and uploaded to the Matterport servers. It then takes around 24 hours for the tour to be fully rendered, at which point you can embed the tour on your own website.

3D Dollshouse View

Mattertags to highlight special features 

Floor plans

Feature Rich Benefits

Matterport scanning cameras create immersive 3D models, allowing users to explore a space as if they were physically present.  The extra content captured by Matterport cameras enhances the user experience, improves decision-making, and saves time and resources by providing a comprehensive view of any space.

Offer a 24/7 open house that anyone can visit - anytime.  Help buyers save time looking for homes and increase engagement with your listings.

3D Tour

Order professional HDR photography through our partner VHT. Or, simply extract still photos directly from your digital twin.

2D Photos

Easily create floor plans. With one click, customers can transition between 2D and 3D layouts, including labeled room names, dimensions, wall segments, and more.

Property Layout

Provide the perfect view of a home and help buyers see its full potential. Virtually de-furnish and automatically re-furnish the space to fit any design or style.

Virtual Staging

Why Matterport?

In Lothian

Instant Measurements

Automatically label room names and dimentions, including ceiling heights

Easy-to-edit property layout

Instantly see the layout of the space.  Every room is fully editable with simple point-and-click tools.  Reimagine a space and watch the measurement change as you adjust the rooms.

We are 

Scotland's Matterport Specialist

We are a Scottish based Immersive agency covering all of Scotland that specialises in immersive content. 

This is your local page to let you know that we are responsive and specifically cover your areas. 

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